Mortlach-Dufftown Twinning

In the fall of 2002 Ron Locke, Mortlach's Mayor, had just launched the community's first ever website. Attempts to search for the website on the internet kept on coming up with a Scots' town of Dufftown, rather than Mortlach. Looking at the Dufftown site, it soon became apparent that Mortlach and Dufftown had a lot in common. George Stephen, the first President of the Canadian Pacific Railway, who is believed to have named many communities along the railway, was born and raised in Dufftown in the Parish of Mortlach.

Mayor Locke emailed the Dufftown webmaster and began a dialogue about what the two communities had in common. In addition to the common ancestry there was a love of single malt scotch. :)

Soon it became apparent that the two communities should Twin. A delegation took off for Scotland in May 2003 and met up with Mayor Locke in Glasgow as he was then serving in Bosnia as a Reservist with the Canadian Military. In a ceremony held in Dufftown, official twinning documents were signed. Two years later, a delegation from Dufftown came to do a reciprocal twinning ceremony. Since the twinning second visits were made to Dufftown in 2007 and to Mortlach in 2009.

Visit Dufftown's website

In 2016, another delegation is heading to Dufftown, Scotland, from Mortlach.

May 31, 2016 | Village Office