Allan Searle Rural Community Forest

This project was developed to supply area residents with fruits for consumption and processing while providing for wildlife.

In 1999, the Village Council of Mortlach approved the allocation of 3.5 acres of land, to the Mortlach Community Development and Agricultural Society (MCDAS), for the development of a Community Orchard. This project was completed with the assistance of the Rural Municipalities of Wheatlands and Rogers, Tree Canada, PFRA Shelterbelt Centre and many local volunteers. Over 3600 trees, shrubs and bushes were planted in the late Spring of 2000. Farmers from the RMs of Wheatlands & Rogers brought their tractors and cultivators into town and prepared the land for planting. A shelter belt was planted around the perimeter of the orchard consisting of Caraganas interspersed with Green Ash. Eleven 400 foot rows of fruit trees and shrubs were planted. Six other 200 foot rows were planted with wild plum, sea buckthorn, buffaloberry, hawthorn and choke cherry to provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife. Over the years, the community has enjoyed the many types of fruit available in the orchard such as apples, Saskatoon berries, sour cherries, choke cherries, goose berries, haskaps, and black currents. The Orchard was named after Allan Searle, a Councillor who passed away while in office after many years of serving his community.

September 25, 2023 | Village Office