June 2, 2016 | Village of Mortlach

A recap of all the projects MCDAS has been involved with:

10 August 1997 - Community Development Committee Formed
Foster Community Growth
Ensure Community Safety
Enhance Community Beauty (line in the sand, lose no more assets)
REDA Community Evaluations
April 2001 Diana Ireland from Regional Economic Development Association (REDA) and Dwight Percy from Pearcy Communications do Mortlach Strategic Plan meeting/brainstorming
Economic activity
Community Services – Wagons West Cookhouse, Crocus Ridge Gallery, Apperly’s
Store, Mercy River Antiques, and Skate Board Park
Business Attractions
Mortlach Community Plan – Dwight Percy; November 2008
Initiate a community development position for the town
Team up with the Moose Jaw Chamber of Commerce
Development Assets to engage the youth of the community
Pursue all avenues for ensuring the school remains open
Affordable housing/lots
Focus the thinking of the Village Council to help develop the plan
Mortlach and Region Economic Development Meeting – Larry Hiles; February 2008
Painting the Mortlach Hall – 2002, 2003
New curtains installed on the stage at the Hall – 2002
Twinning of Mortlach to Dufftown Scotland May 2003 (ceremony at Scotland)
1st visit from Scottish twins to Mortlach was in 2005;
Mortlach’s second visit was in 2007; then Dufftown came back to Mortlach in 2009
Next visit to Scotland will be May 2012
Christmas Tree Square 2002
Jam Dances – 2003
Hosted Empress of Ireland Tour
Welcome Wagon Baskets and Welcome Wagon Potluck Suppers – 2005 to 2015
Learning Opportunities – Community Classes/Workshops
Air Brakes – April 2003
Ag. Expert - March 2006
Computer Classes – 2003 and 2004
Stock Market – October 2003; 2007
Wills and Estates – October 2003; November 2007
Grants from Literacy Program in 2007 for Social Dancing, Nutrition Class, and Art Classes
Alpha Marriage Class – October/November 2007
Krista Bakke – Choice Theory/Reality Therapy
Workshops sponsored through SAASE –2008; Succession Planning Workshop and Farm Business Planning “Targets for Success” Cost of Production
Craft and Trade Show – late fall; 2001 to 2007
Sparkle Up Mortlach – December 2001 to 2011
Seven Wonders of Mortlach – Heidi Patterson, Blaine Gilbertson, Chad Neal,
Kelly Sapergia, Skylar Cafferata, Tara Newsham, Angela Jaeger; 2005
Guest Speakers – International Suppers
Monica Knight 2001 and 2007 – “Paint is good”
Kevin Hurst – farm
Claude Jean Harel - tourism
Brian Ludwig – CAIS Program
Al Scholtz – Don’t Turn the Lights Out in Rural Saskatchewan
Major Fund Raising Projects
Village Square – 2003
Interlocking Brick Sidewalks on the east (2005)and west (2007) side of Main/Rose Street
Replace the Hall Roof – 2007; Conexus Credit Union donated $10,000, Spectra Energy Transmission donated $150, and SaskEnergy donated $200 towards this project
Community Garage Sales – Shop, Swap and Save Days – 2001 to 2011
Ditzy Chicks and Brad Johner Concert – June 30, 2005
Heritage Plagues – marking of Mortlach's Heritage sites to honor our early pioneers and businesses; installed at various sites around town starting in 2005

Family Memorial Flower Containers on Main/Rose Street
Street Banners – 2005; painted by Grade 7 and 8 classes with a Saskatchewan Centennial Theme
Mortlach Centennial Celebrations - Calendars and Cookbooks – July 2006
Name Change from Mortlach Community Development Association to Mortlach Community Development and Agricultural Society June 2008. MCDAS became a member of Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural Societies and Exhibitions in 2008.
Original Vision and Mission Statement was written January 2007; revised 2013
VISION - Mortlach is an attractive, caring, thriving community where people are proud to
live and work.
MISSION: The mission of the Mortlach Community Development and Agricultural Society
Association (MCDAS) is to ‘build community’. To this end, it identifies, funds, and
implements projects designed to beautify, to promote, and to enhance the community
making Mortlach and rural area an attractive place to live and to own businesses. These
projects do not use tax dollar but are developed through fundraising, volunteering, and
collaborating with other local groups and community members.
Perennial Exchange – spring of 2007 to 2011
Communities in Bloom – 2007
Community Winners in 2008 and 2010
Farmers’ Market – 2007
Artist in Residence – Krista Konkin; September 2009 to August 2010
Artist in Residence Workshops – Shim Sham, Improv, Dancing with the Little Ones, Stage Management, Singing Workshop, Playwriting for Beginners
CPR Christmas Train – 2007 to 2011
Meetings with neighboring communities – Central Butte, Mossbank, Bruno, St. Walburg, Saskatchewan Tourism’s Festivals Workshop
Joined Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural Societies and Exhibitions - 2008
Saskatoon Berry Festival – first Saturday in July; 2008 to 2011
July 7th, 2012
Robbie Burns Dinner – January 2008
Had representation on the Committee planning the Olympic Torch Run in Mortlach 2010 when Jack Poole was honored as a youth growing up in Mortlach
Show on the Road Entertainment
Mortlach Summer Theatre Camp August 2010
Purchased a commercial dishwasher for the Hall – Never installed; Sold 2015