April 26, 2020 | Village of Mortlach

1997-2005 MCDAS Projects


- The Mortlach Community Development Committee was formed in August 1997 with the purpose to Foster Community Growth, Ensure Community Safety and Enhance Community Beauty.  


- REDA Community Assessment with Diane Ireland from REDA and Dwight Percy from Percy Communications.  We looked at the population of Mortlach, economic activity, community services, businesses, education, and tourism.  They helped to develop a community development plan.  Goals were to engage the youth, to keep the school open, to supply afordable lots, and to work with the village.

- Sparkle Up Mortlach - Held the first weekend of December as a social event for families to kick off the Christmas season.  Carols sung, lights turned on for the Christmas tree at the south end of Rose Street, stories for the children and a visit from Santa, cookies and hot chocolate served.  This has become an annual event.

Community Garage Sales - Held in the Spring and / the Fall with opportunity for community members and guest to purchase used treasures.  Usually lunch served at the Hall by MCDAS or a community group.  This has become an annual event.


- Mortlach Community Hall - was painted and new curtains installed.

- Village Square - was built with the help of public donations and volunteer labour.  It is now the site of our annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony in early December and a pleasant place to sit during the summer months.


- Village Orchard - was planted and is now well established.  Fruit is available to the whole community.

- Twinning ceremony between Mortlach and Dufftown, Scotland celebrated in Dufftown in May.  First visitors from Dufftown hosted in 2005.  Second visit to Scotland was in 2007.  Second hosting of Scottish visitors in 2009.  The relationship is ongoing.


- Street Banners - were painted by the grade 7/8 class of Mortlach School with the Saskatchewan Centennial theme.

- Sidewalks - Curbing and interlocking brick was installed on the east side of Rose Street.

- Welcome Baskets - Visiting newcomers were given welcome baskets and information about our community starting in 2005 and still continues, though the format has evolved.  Community Welcome Suppers began in October 2005 and is now an annual community event.

- Seven Wonders of Mortlach - Life and business skills program for seven local youth (Heidi Patterson, Blaine Gilbertson, Chad Neal, Kelly Sapergia, Skylar Cafferata, Tara Newsham, Angela Jaeger).

Social Events 2001-2005 - Community Garage Sales (annual event starting in 2001), Craft and Trade Shows (annual event starting in 2001), Sparkle Up Mortlach (annual event in early December since 2001), Jam Dances (2003), Ditzy Chicks and Brad Johner concert (2005)

Workshops  2001-2005- Empress of Ireland tour (2003?), Air Brakes (2003), Computer Classes (2003, 2004), Stock Market (2003), Wills and Estates (2003)


2006-2010 MCDAS Projects


- Avenue of Trees - Planted on the west side of the entrance to Mortlach.  This long corridor of trees and shrubs are now well established.

- Historical Plaques - This is an ongoing project to honour our early pioneers and businesses that began in 2006.  The Community Initiatives Fund sponsored seven plaques.  There are now 24 plaques at historical sites in our community. 2006 - Bank of Hamilton, Dr. Cliff, Khamis Michael, The Empress of Ireland.  2010 - Jack Poole, Maple Leaf Hotel, The Fire Hall. 

- Centenial Celebrations - We hosted social events for current and returning residents.  We also published a calendar and community cookbook.


- Sidewalks - Curbing and interlocking brick installed on the west side of Rose Street in front of Tilley's and the Bradley Building.

- Hall Roof - The roof was repaired and metal roofing was installed with very generous support from local citizens and local organizations and a $10,000 donation from Conexus, $200 from Sask Energy, and $150 fromSpectra Energy.

- Street Banners - Local businees created banners to showcase their businesses.

- Communites in Bloom - First entered in 2007.  Won in 2008 and 2010.

- CPR Holiday Train - Stopped in Mortlach annually from 2007-2015.  Donations received for Moose Jaw Food Bank and breakfast served at the Hall.


- Community Action Plan - Dwight Percy returned to help finalize our plan.

- Name changed to Mortlach Community Development and Agricultural Society to better reflect our rural roots and involvement of both village and rural residents of our communtiy.

- Joined Saskatchewan Association of Agricutural Societies and Exhibitions.

- Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival - Began in July 2008 to showcase our community and provide fundraising opportunities for local groups.  It is now an annual event with many new and returning visitors.


- Artist in Residence - Krista Konkin was an enthusiastic and engergetic presence in our community.  She organized various singing, dancing, and acting workshops.  The Star Players theatre group was formed following her residency and was active from 2008-2012.


- Olympic Torch Run - Jack Poole, one of the Olympic organizers, was honored as a youth growing up in Mortlach.  His wife and other family members attended the ceremony in Mortlach.

- Mortlach Theatre Camp - Held in August 2010.

Socials 2006-2010 - Farmers Markets (2007), Perenial Exchange (2007-2011), CPR Christmas Train (annual stop in Mortlach 2007-2015), Robbie Burns Supper (2008), Garage Sales, Trade Shows, Sparkle Up, Welcome Suppers, Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival

Workshops 2006-2010 - Monika Knight (2007), Stock Market (2007), Wills and Estates (2007), Grants from Literacy Program for Social Dancing, Nutrition Classes and Art Classes (2007), Alpha Marriage Classes (2007), Krista Bakke - Choice Theory / Reality Therapy (2007), SAASE workshops - Succession Planning and Farm Business Planning (2008), Claude Jean Harel - tourism, Brian Ludwig - CAIS Program, Al Scholtz - "Don't Turn the Lights Out in Rural Saskatchewan"


2011-2015 MCDAS Projects


- Electrical upgrades to the Mortlach Memorial Hall - LED lights, new outside light, emergency lights stage lights, breakers replaced.

- Frenchman's Trail - Trail ride organized to commemorate this history and unveiling of the Cairn and plaque at the south end of Rose Street.  Supper and entertaiment followed ride.

- Cement flower boxes - installed at 4 way stop on Rose Street.


- Mission Satement - reviewed and revised.

- LED Lights on Community Christmas Tree - Donated by Sask Power.

- Mortlach Community Hall Interior Paint - Paint donated by village, MCDAS provided labour.

- Community Fall Fair - start up grant received from Sask Association of Ag. Societies and Exhibitions.  Fall Fairs have been annual events hosted at the school from 2013-2019.

- Dufftown / Mortlach Twinning Sign - Donated by Dufftown and installed by MCDAS at the north end of the orchard to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the twinning.

- Communities in Bloom - Mortlach won first place for communities in our size category.


- Prairie Women on Snowmobiles - Hosted their stop in Mortlach.

- Street Banners - Mortlach School students made 9 new banners for Rose Street.

- Paving Rose Street - completed by department of highways and will be maintained by the village.

- Sinking of the Empress of Ireland - Purchased a print for the Mortlach Museum.

- Historical Plaques - Bank of Toronto, Bissett Funeral Home, Emmanuel Anglican Church, Mortlach School, Mortlach United Church, The Star Theatre, TW Bradley Building, Wheatland Mercantile, CPR Station.


- Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival Award - MSBF was one of 3 finalists for Event of the Year by Sask Tourism in 2014.

- AV Upgrade to Mortlach Hall - MCDAS replaced the projector and circuit board.

- Safety Day - We worked with SAASE to sponsor first Safety Day at Mortlach School.  105 students (grades 3-8) attended from 3 schools.

Socials 2011-2015 - Community Garage Sales, Sparkle Up, CPR Holiday Train, Welcome Suppers, Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival


2016-2020 MCDAS Projects


Tree Planting - MCDAS with grants from Home Hardware and Tree Canada planted trees around town and at the graveyard. Some planted in May and more in September.

- CTV Home Town Fair visited Mortlach in June prior to the Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival.

- Safety Day - 141 students attended from 5 schools.

- Historical Plaque - "Honouring the sacrifice of brave men and women who surrendered their lives in service to our country."  Installed at the south end of Rose Street.


- Started exploring either building a new community centre or renovating the current Mortlach Hall.

- FUN Drive - Recycling program with Value Village in Regina.  Drop off for donations at the Curling Rink.  Small fundraiser, but great recycling program.  MCDAS organized this in 2017 and again in 2018.

- Orchard Revitalization - Grant from Tree Canada and MCDAS funds used to replace fruit trees in the orchard.  School students helped with the planting.


- Hall Replacement - Estimate for bathroom renovations received.  Town Hall meeting regarding the future of the Hall hosted.  Hall Committee formed to look at options and to start fundraising.

- Spray Park - MCDAS decided to donate up to $10,000 to the Spray Park Committee for them to finish the Spay Park. Estimated opening of the Spray Park is 2020.

- Safety Day - 220 students attended from 7 schools.


- Terms of Reference - revised "The funds raised by MCDAS are for projects only.  From time to time, MCDAS will cost share physical projects with other communtity groups."

- Walking Path - 1.2 km path from the rink, through the orchard and around the avenue of trees completed with MCDAS funds and community labour.

- Food Safety Course - MCDAS committed funds for 10 community volunteers to take this course.

- Summer Day Camp - organized with grant from MCDAS.

- Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival - MCDAS funded Scott Miller to provide marketing expertise for the festival.

- Christmas Tree Square Rehabilitation - Reinstalled bricks and repaired the board walk which were damaged by water main break.

- Sidewalk - Curbing and interlocking brick installed from Bradley building north to the corner of First Avenue.

- Orchard Maintenance - Paid for a student to prune the grass around the trees for 2 months.

- Hall Repairs - Replaced a toilet in the men's bathroom.

- Merge with Spray Park Committee - Plans made to merge the Spray Park Committee and MCDAS.

- Hall Tables and Chairs - MCDAS purchased round tables and new chairs for the Hall.


Socials 2016-2020 - Community Garage Sales, Sparkle Up, Welcome Suppers, Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival

Workshops 2016-2020 - Tree Pruning workshop (2017)