February 27, 2017 | Village of Mortlach

Mortlach, Parkbeg, Caron, First Responders (MPC First Responders)
Throughout the province 911 is the number to call for all emergencies - fire, police, or ambulance. In rural areas such as Mortlach, in order to decrease the response time for medical emergencies, there are community volunteers trained in advanced first aid and CPR who are also dispatched when the ambulance is needed. These First Responders are able to make initial assessments and care for the patient until the ambulance arrives. They follow strict guidelines regarding professionalism and confidentiality. As volunteers, they may not be available for every ambulance call, but are a dedicated part of the Emergency Medical Services in the Mortlach area.
The First Responders have an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), which is located in the Memorial Hall with their other equipment.
Call Joline Graves at 306-631-6894 or Heather Adams at 306-355-2742 for information.