June 2, 2016 | Village of Mortlach

"Who Needs a Cow?" (2008)

By Marilyn Knarr; Written for Mortlach's  Centennial in 2006

A romantic comedy making light of our little hick town, and taking place around 1910 when the settlers were just taking up homesteads, this play was lots of fun! "Who needs a cow? " is in reference to the greenhorn wife, who didn't realize that she would need a cow.

A greenhorn family arrives off the train to stay at the Maple Leaf Hotel and once they have the supplies and a house built, plan to move out to the homestead.The son enjoys life in Mortlach and decides he doesn't want to be a farmer.The daughter becomes romantically involved with a young farmer. The comedy revolves around some old men making comments from a bench on the street corner and also the talk around a quilting bee.

"A Little Piece Of Paradise" (2008)

by Marilyn Knarr

The United Church Theatre group put on a dinner theatre production, called "A Little Piece Of Paradise" by Marilyn Knarr.

Mortlach Theatre; Hosted by the United Church, March 6 - 9, 2008

'Mrs B.", somewhere between the ages of 87 and 100, has a capacity for soup only matched in size by the vacancy in her mind... trying the resigned waitress Doris' patience and understanding.... But is she really that daft - or is she one smart gal? The Rockettes find their long lost leader after a 40 year search, in a village where the biggest entertainment is a grass fire. Bob seems to fight being discovered, but wait a minute, it actually looks like he's quite happy being loved by a bunch of crazy ladies who can't sing... a cast of colourful characters bring to life the warmth and sometimes craziness of living as human beings.... in a piece of paradise. Well done everyone, it was a blast. Written and directed my Marilyn Knarr - kudos to Marilyn for an evening full of laughter by bringing to life some village characters - that will not be soon forgotten!

(It's always fun to watch a cast that can barely keep from laughing out loud at the antics, themselves!)

"Welcome Back" (2011)

by Marilyn Knarr

April 8th, 9th and 15th,16th, 2011; Star Players presented a romantic comedy about a school reunion, "Welcome Back" in four dinner theatre performances in April as a fund raiser for the Mortlach United Church. Each performance was presented to a sold out crowd. "Welcome Back" was written and directed by Marilyn Knarr, and produced by Marilyn Forbes.

The Star Players performed the play at the Prince of Wales Theatre , Assiniboia in November 2011 to raise money for the new microphones that the Star Players needed.The hilarious play, with a cast of 12, was about a school reunion after 30 years. Photo by Marilyn Forbes

"The Nun's Trial" (2012)

Written by David Barrett; A hilarious comedy about two prisoner inmates who escaped through a tunnel into a convent. They disguise themselves as nuns until they can escape

March 23,24, 30, 31 and April 1, 20-12

Hosted by the Mortlach United Church; Cast of The Mortlach Star Players

Cast: Ian O'Brien, Al Bakke, Jan Nelson, Diane Molzan, Pam Speir, Thomas Apperley, Larry Forbes, Ron Duckworth, Heather Adams

Crew: Producers/Directors; Heather Adams and Ian OBrien; Lights/Sound/MC; Dale Domeij Costumes; Vi Domeij Set: Larry Forbes & Ron Duckworth Prompter; Marilyn Forbes Photography; Jolene Cook Makeup Penny Cumming