May 31, 2016 | Village of Mortlach
Unfortunately the MRAA is temporarily out of service. We hope to be back in the future and we thank everyone for their support. We'll keep you posted!

Horsemanship Classes; Horse & Rider 101, Horse & Rider Advanced

Roping Classes, Trail Rides, Cattle Drives, Horse Shows, Barrel Jackpots

Fun for all ages; Improve your skills; Improve your horse

For ALL who appreciate horses- Beginner, Intermediate & Experienced Riders

Association horses are available for those without a horse.

For info call Candis 631-0265

Something new taking place in our community starting this spring will be the Mortlach Riding Arena Association (MRAA- It is easiest to say, MR-Double A !). The newly organized association will endeavour to organize and promote horsemanship and horse related activities in the community of Mortlach and to the surrounding communities. It is the goal of the association to service not only horse owners but to provide opportunities to those that do not own horses namely, the youth in our community.

The MRAA will be using the Mortlach Centennial Centre facilities from April 1st to November 1st of each year as an indoor riding arena.The MRAA will endeavour to provide for the community:

  • A safe and positive environment to the youth of the community.
  • An opportunity for those of the community and others to learn to ride horses and to improve horsemanship, to teach roping, driving and the training of horses.
  • Arena events on weekends and horse riding times and lessons throughout the week.

The association plans to have a membership drive sometime in the New Year. It is the hope of those organizing the association to have as many people as possible both young and old, horse owners and non horse owners from our community and the surrounding communities involved in the MRAA.

If you have any further questions about the MRAA please contact:


Candis Molde at or 355-2579

Greg Haukaas at or 355-2553 or 355-2718

Al Bakke at or 355-2326